Vivianne and Lance • March 17 2014 • Ottawa • Luxe Bistro

Vivianne and Lance. The kindest couple in Ottawa. And so in love! Their charisma shines in these photos. We were so pleased with every minute of the day and what Ottawa had to offer. It was perfectly overcast in Canada’s capital city that cool summer day and we used every moment we could to capture their love for each other.

From the beautiful rustic brick wall backdrop for the bridal party to the flower medley happening in front of City Hall, we were graced with so much beauty.

Traditional yet modern, professional but relaxed, Vivianne and Lance are a couple rooted in generosity and kindness. And they know how to party! They turned the dining area of the Luxe Bistro into a VIP Las Vegas club dance floor complete with sexy shades, splashing Champagne and a few dance-offs. We were also witness to a striptease or two, but that`s off the record.

Vivianne and Lance are so incredibly generous, easy going and fun that it was hard to not want to join the party.

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